Amsterdam Adventures: Meet Shannon!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to join you here on College Compass as your Study Abroad contributor. My name is Shannon and I am a college + lifestyle blogger at Endless May. Through my blog, I promote positivity, optimism and the mindset that anything is possible if you just take it one step at a time. Outside of blogging, I am an avid photographer, Instagrammer, and dreamer. I am a student at Wellesley College in Boston where I am studying computer science and music but this semester, I will be studying abroad in Amsterdam at Vrije University.

I have always had a serious case of wanderlust and a drive for seeing new things and meeting new people. Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine and I am so thankful that I finally get the chance to do so and share it all with you. While I will be based in Amsterdam and taking classes there, I plan to travel as much as possible throughout Europe (if you have any must-see places, please let me know!). I am so looking forward to exploring this part of the world and learning more about the rich history in all the places I visit. I also plan to work on my Dutch (considering I will be living in the Netherlands) and expand my Spanish skills. Hopefully I will also get a chance to practice my French considering I have been studying it for almost six years!

At Vrije University, I will be participating in the Semester in Amsterdam program where I will also be the official videographer and photographer for the program. I will be living in a cute little room (it has a balcony!), studying computer science, and attempting to find the best stroopwafel in Amsterdam. Wish me luck as I am also going to have to cook for myself (I anticipate a lot of street food in my future).

I am so thrilled to take all of you with me on this journey! Stay tuned because a lot of fun things are in store. From Christmas Markets in Germany to New Year’s Eve in Paris and ending with a backpacking tour of Spain, I can’t wait to fill you in on not only my travel adventures but also my best tips to make the most out of your semester abroad.

Shannon May Brown

Shannon is the college + lifestyle blogger at Endless May who believes in positivity, kindness, and taking things one step at a time. She loves grey sweaters, lemon water, fall candles and photography. You can follow her adventures studying abroad in Amsterdam on Instagram.

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