Living the Grad Life: Meet Amber!

Hi everyone! I’m Amber, the post-grad contributor, and I’m thrilled to be here with you all! I recently graduated from Wellesley College, a women’s college right outside of Boston, Massachusetts. This fall, I’ll be starting my journey at Harvard Divinity School as a Master  of Theological Studies student, while also working as an assistant for a church in the South End of Boston. At Wellesley, I majored in Political Science and Religion, and at Harvard Divinity my focus will be Women, Sexuality and Religion.  I love to explore the connections between religion, culture, and politics!

I’m originally from Greenbelt, Maryland and I am SO proud of being a Marylander- we have the best flag in the entire country! I’ve been in the Northeast for 4 years now and will be here for 2 more, and let me tell you, life in the snow does not get easier! Despite the snowdrifts, I’ve managed to make Massachusetts a second home. I’m a foodie, so I love to explore what restaurants Boston has to offer, and you can pretty much always find me at a farmer’s market. I also have two dwarf rabbits that keep me company- life is always better with fluffy companions!

You can almost always find me cooking or reading, or taking a nap, if I’m honest.  I love to craft too, whether it’s making stationery, painting my room, or figuring out how to refurbish wood furniture (it’s more complicated than it seems!). Travelling is another major passion of mine- whether it’s to another country or just to a historic town a few miles away, I think life is most fun when there is variety. Experiencing new places is a huge benefit of college life, and I’ve definitely tried to take advantage of that!

Here on College Compass, I’ll write about the transition from college to “real-life” and my new experiences as a graduate student. This year I just know I’ll be super busy, and you can join me as I navigate a successful work-life-school balance, figure out how graduate school is different than undergrad, and have fun living life after college!

Amber Youhouse

Amber is a Wellesley College alumna and first-year graduate student at Harvard Divinity School. She loves being in the kitchen, making stationery, and thinking of new ways to DIY her apartment. Her two dwarf rabbits, Dionysus and Darcy, are her obsession, as well as expanding her already full bookshelf. She is excited to share her experiences with balancing “real life” and graduate school!

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