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5 Steps to a Kick-Ass Research Paper Topic

When I was in high school, I had the "five paragraph essay" formula drilled into my head. Every essay I wrote had an introduction and conclusion, and in between those two paragraphs were three major points to prove my thesis. I had that formula down pat — and then I...

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How to Make a College Budget

When it comes to college students, I hear this complaint a lot: There should be a life skills class in college. Why don't they ever teach us how to pay our taxes? Or how make our first college budget? Where am I supposed to learn that? I've often thought these things...

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About College Compass

Hi! I’m Sara, the founder of College Compass. I’ve been where you are: struggling though classes and assignments, trying to improve. Through trial and error, I figured out what worked for me, and went on to graduate cum laude from Wellesley College and Oxford University. And because I like to help people (and also just because someone else should benefit from all these study tips I learned), I’m sharing what I learned with you.

That’s what College Compass is for: a resource for current and prospective college students who want to better their grades and find out what works best for them. Whether you need help preparing for college, you want to be a better student, or you just want to make the most of your college years, I’ve got something for you here. And if I don’t yet, shoot me an email through the form below and ask! This site is always growing and I’m eager to add resources for anything you might need help with.

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