The Ultimate Student Planner

It's time to become the student you've always wanted to be.

Purposeful. Practical. Personal.

Most planners aren't designed for student life — and those that are, aren't designed by students. 

This planner is different.

The printable Student Planner comes in three different formats and a total of 12 different layouts, each designed to support students' needs. Whether you benefit from the structure of an hourly planner, the organization of a vertical planner, or the freedom of a horizontal planner, there's a layout for every kind of learner. Best of all, when you buy a dated planner, you get access to undated sheets from the other layouts — so you can switch formats if you have an expecially busy week. It's the planner that always works for you.

Each of the formats includes goal sections to keep you accountable and reflection sections to help you assess and improve. Don't want them? You don't need them — it's all customizable to you.

College is overwhelming — the Student Planner makes it simple.  

Sara College Compass

The #1 tool I've used to succeed in college

Hey! I'm Sara, the girl behind College Compass and the Student Planner. I'm a recent alumna of Wellesley College, and though I graduated with honors, you wouldn't know it if you saw me just a few years before.

For years, I struggled to stay top of my schoolwork. No matter how many binders or folders I bought, I was always losing assignments, forgetting quizzes, and lagging behind. In middle school, I was in a program for kids struggled in school, and by my freshman year of high school, I was getting Ds in remedial math. That all changed when I got a planner.

Using a planner helped me keep track of my due dates and organize my to-do list. It helped me become the student I always wanted to be. But in the years since I started using a it, as I worked through Wellesley College and Oxford University, there was one problem with evey planner I used: they were never designed for students. Even the ones that were meant for students, weren't made by students. Each one left me with frustration, empty space, and wasted money.

That's why I designed the Student Planner. I want to offer a students a solution for staying on top of their college lives, whether they're struggling to pass, or at the top of the class.

Features of the Student Planner

Three different weekly layout options: hourly, vertical, and horizontal. When you buy the dated full-year planner, you get access to every other version of the planner. That means you can switch layouts when you have an especially busy week or just need to switch things up. It's the versatile planner that always works for you. 

Not sure which planner's perfect for you? Take the quiz.

3 layouts

Beautiful and unique seasonal prints to keep you inspired and invigorated for every new month. Every month is a new color, and each page features a different design so you never get bored. There are also simple versions available without the decoration.

Seasonal Prints

Reflection and goal-setting pages for every week, month, and season. This space can be used to reflect on your progress, make goals for improvement, and set your to do's for the coming week. Or, if it's not for you, you can easily print a full planner without — we have that too. It's flexible to meet your needs.

Weekly reflections

Every Planner PDF Includes

Weekly includes


  • Weekly reflection and goal-setting sheets
  • Weekly planning sheets in your preferred layout
  • A different pattern for every page

... for 52 weeks!

Monthly spread


  • Monthly layout featuring seasonal art and a motivational quote for that month
  • Calendar for important dates
  • Monthly goals with to do list and progress bars, plus monthly reflections to grow and keep yourself accountable
  • A different color for every month

... for 12 months!

Yearly Includes


  • Welcome sheet with access to College Compass, the Student Planner help portal, and the Student Planner community
  • Important dates sheet for the coming academic year
  • 2017 "at-a-glance" calendar sheet
  • 2018 "at a glance" calendar sheet 
  • 4x seasonal bucket list and reflection sheets
  • A different theme for every season
  • Note sheets at the back of the planner

Plus a Bonus!

When you buy a full dated planner, you also get free access to every other layout and version of the planner — meaning you can switch up your planner if you have an especially busy week or you just need a change of pace.

Your life is always changing. This planner keeps up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sizes does the planner come in?

A: The printable Student Planner is available in US Letter. We are working on adding A4 and A5 in time for the new year.

Q: I'm not technical. Will it be hard for me to print my Student Planner?

A: Not at all! Everyone's printer is different, but the same basic rules apply for printing a double-sided PDF. If you need any extra help downloading the file or opening it, I'm more than happy to help you via email.

Q: Why should I buy a printable planner?

A: Buying a printable planner PDF has a ton of advantages.

  • Because it's not bound like a standard planner, you can easily move pages in and out or swap them around, so if you want your fitness sheet to be alongside your weekly view, you can do that without hassle. 
  • Because it's a file that you receive immediately upon purchase, you can download it anywhere in the world and have access to it instantly. Having the PDF means that you can print as many sheets as you want, again and again.
  • And because it's printable, you can choose which pages you want to print and which you want to leave out. From your weekly view (loving the structure of Hourly this week? You got it!) to your student sheets (looking to keep your assignment list close at hand? Sure!) to adding everything from Fitness to Budget bonus packs, this planner is customized to you, for less than the price of a standard planner.

That's the power of printable: flexible, accessible, and totally customizable.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to take the leap?

It's time to become the student you've always wanted to be.