Being smart about your finance and career choices gives you a better chance at a fulfilling career after graduation. Here are 11 helpful college finance tips to get your finances and career choices on track!

1. Try getting a part-time job or get involved a serious org on campus. Aside from financial benefits, it looks great on a resume.

2. Have a standing resume, but change your resume for every job you apply to. Personalize and perfect your resume for each opportunity.

3. Take advantage of the career services office. They’re there to help, and can often connect you to great scholarships, jobs, and fellowships you may not have heard about.

4. Keep track of your money. Learn how to in my guide to making your first college budget.

5. Events often have free food and swag, if you’re trying to save money. Attending those lectures and events is also a great way to expose yourself to more experiences and learn more things.

6. Take your time choosing a major or a career path. It’s better to weigh the options carefully than to dive in unaware.

7. Consider where a BA will get you, and know whether or not you need higher education or further schooling to get the job you want.

8. There are tons of discounts available for college students. Do some digging and find the best ones for you.

9. Sell back your textbooks. It’ll help you recoup some of your start-of-the-semester costs.

10. Learn to network. Whether that’s in person or online, make professional connections. It can make a big difference in the job market later on.

11. Learn to perfect your LinkedIn profile. I love this helpful article by Endless May on how to create a hire-worthy LinkedIn.

Which of these college finance tips do you practice? Let us know in the comments below!


This post was originally published as part of a longer list of college tips on It has been modified and improved for use at College Compass.