The summer before college is such a fun time. As incoming freshmen get ready for their first year of university, a mix of excitement and anxiety hangs in the air. How do I get ready? What do I bring? Do I really need shower shoes? (The answer is yes.)

While it’s tempting to fall down the rabbit hole of blog posts and bizarre Pinterest hacks to make this year just perfect, getting ready for college doesn’t need to be that complicated. That said, it can be reassuring to hear a few different perspectives on preparing for college, just to remind you that you’re not leaving out anything major as you prepare for this transition. For that reason, today I’e gathered my five favorite posts about the summer before college to help you get ready.

How to Prepare in the Summer Before College by College Compass

This is a general post on advice for incoming freshmen on getting ready for school. If you have anxieties about things like roommates, packing, or other common issues for new college students, this post should help you out!

20 Fun Things for College Students to Do this Summer by As Life Grows

What I like about this post is that Samantha includes both college prep tips and life experiences for incoming freshmen. It’s important to remember that, as vital as this time may feel, it’s also still a great time to relax and enjoy life.

How to Be Productive This Summer by the Swirl

If you’re looking to get the most out of your summer in terms of work or college prep, this post should help you squeeze out every drop! I love the Swirl blog because the bloggers behind it are so fun and have so much personality, in addition to being really helpful!

10 Ways to Prepare for a Successful Academic Year by Student’s Toolbox

Another great college prep post for the summer is this one by Student’s Toolbox. Sabrina is one of my absolute favorite college bloggers, because her posts are so thorough and well-researched. This post is part of her back to school series and sets a great foundation for preparing for academic success in the year ahead.

What You Actually Need to Bring to College by College Compass

This is another one of my own posts, which I’m sharing because it takes a bit of a more rational and minimalist approach to what you need to bring to college than many others I’ve seen. If you’re looking for a starting point for back-to-school college shopping and preparation, this post should do the trick!

These are just a few of my favorite posts for the summer before college, but I’d love to hear from you. Where have you found your favorite college prep posts?